• Thursday, August 22, 2013

    Song Cry Part 2 ?? and a NEW Slaughterhouse album produced by Just Blaze

    To many fans’ disappointment, Just Blaze didn’t land a production credit on Jay Z’sMagna Carta… Holy Grail, but that doesn’t mean the old Roc-A-Fella pair don’t have potential classics on deck. Appearing on Sway In The Morning recently, Just revealed that he and Hov recorded a sequel to The Blueprint‘s “Song Cry”, titled “Hello Young Lady,” during The Black Album sessions. They even contemplated picking up the track for MCHG, but obviously eventually decided to leave it in the vault. For now.
    Me and Jay did a song — I think it was for ‘The Black Album,’ maybe — it was called “Hello Young Lady,” and it was kinda like a “Song Cry” part two. The reason we didn’t put it out was because, subject matter-wise, it was so close — like how “Song Cry” was three verses, these were the next three verses of that same song. We did revisit that idea right when [Jay] first started figuring out what he wanted to do with Magna Carta, and it was a contender for like a day or two. One day I’m gonna get him to put it out.
    Later in the interview, Just Blaze discussed executive producing Slaughterhouse’s upcoming album. He stressed how the five of them are actually in the studio working together, and not just emailing verses over. He also revealed he’s working as a unit alongside araabMUZIK, Cardiak, !llmind and J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League — “a Slaughterhouse of producers,” he calls it.
    UPDATE: After the jump, Just Blaze tells Hip Hop Wired why he credits Amil for helping launch his career, and remembers the planned Roc-A-Fella production team that, unfortunately, never was…
    On Amil launching his career:
    Jay wasn’t really messing with me for like the first year. Then I did this record with Amil and Bathgate called “That’s Right” and Jay heard it and was like, “I’m jumping on that” [and was like] “who did the beat?” Once I did a record that he liked, then he was a little more receptive.
    On the planned Roc-A-Fella production team:
    [Gee Roberson] called me at the studio and was basically like, “we’re trying to start a production thing here at Roc-A-Fella and we’d love to talk to you about it. We also have this new kid called Kanye West, we’re gonna bring in Rockwilder, Buckwild and a couple other dudes.”
    On his relationship with Dame Dash:
    Me and Dame had already kinda fallen out [during the Roc-A-Fella split]. It was one of those situations where his mouth got in the way of his brain, and I kinda snapped at him, and we had our thing and that was that. Not to say that we’re not cool — we’re cool now.