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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pusha T ‘My Name Is My Name’ Testimonial Series (Episode 1)

pusha t
In their new testimonial series for Noisey, video producer Orson Whales and prolific hip-hop journalist Kris Ex take a deeper look at Pusha T’s upcoming debut album, My Name Is My Name. The first episode, “A Name I Call Myself,” gathers insight from Push-A-Ton himself, as well as The Wire stars Tristan “Mack” Wilds and Anwan “Slim” Glover, to paint a picture of the project beyond the beats and rhymes.
Featuring Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell, Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, Chris Brown and more, My Name Is My Name hits stores and the streets on Oct. 8. Pre-order the album on iTunes now and get “Nosetalgia” as a free download.
My Name is My Name might seem like a rather obvious statement and dubious title for a record, but after checking out the first in a series of video “testimonials” (this one is called “A Name I Call Myself”), the origin becomes infinitely clearer.
Watch episode one after the jump…

Nelly Feat. 2 Chainz “100K”

nelly mo
He’s got the party anthem with “Get Like Me,” the funky R&B cut with “Rick James” and now Nelly serves up something for the streets with “100K,” featuring 2 Chainz. It’s the latest track off his upcoming album, M.O., which drops September 30. Even if you’re not quite balling like Nelly, you can pre-order M.O. on iTunes now.
Stream “100K” after the jump…

Lil Wayne Teaches Meek Mill How to Skate (Video)

meek mill lil wayne skate

It doesn’t seem that long ago when Lil Wayne was falling on his ass skating, but credit to the guy, he’s put in the time and effort. In fact, Weezy even played coach to Meek Mill while out in Miami recently, teaching him the basics on his very own half pipe. Yeah, this ain’t pretty. Stick to the dirt bikes, Meek.
Watch the video after the jump…

Uncle Murda Feat. Vado & Waka Flocka Flame “New York City” (VIDEO)

Just 24 hours after debuting Uncle Murda’s new record “Wu Wuu Wuuu,” Funkmaster Flex returns with another premiere from East New York’s finest. With fellow Big Apple-natives Vado and Waka Flocka Flame, Uncle Murda takes us through a visual trip of Brooklyn, Queens, and Harlem in the video supporting his Fugees-sampled single.
Watch “New York City” after the jump….

Rihanna “Half Of Me” (Documentary)

It’s not often you see a documentary that attacks a subject from two different perspectives, but Rihanna’s “Half Of Me” documentary does just that. Hearing not only from Rihanna and what her fans mean to her, some of her fans also give their opinion on her. In between RiRi’s Diamonds tour, fans give testimonial of how much she inspires them and how her music has empowered them to follow their dreams and make them a reality.
Watch the short “Half Of Me” documentary after the jump….

J. Cole Discusses Out-Selling Kanye West, “Boring” Criticism & Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” Verse

j cole
J. Cole was in Manhattan promoting his involvement with the video game, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, last month, but he got on the phone with Noisey to discuss plenty of topics outside of gaming. Speaking with Ernest Baker, the Roc Nation rapper explained why he still feels like he’s got something to prove, even after out-selling Kanye West’s Yeezus, responded to the criticism that his music is “boring” — taking a blasphemous jab at the hood classic, Soul Plane, in the process — and offered a few words on Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse (for real this time).
On out-selling Kanye West:
I don’t wake up every day like, ‘I got a great status in the rap game.’ No, I feel behind. I don’t feel like I’ve done enough. I only get brief moments to appreciate things. I might get a two minute thought of like, ‘Wow, you really did sell more than Kanye. You currently have sold more records than Kanye West’s album, which came out the same day.’ Then I’m back to focusing on what’s next.
Check out more quotes from J. Cole after the jump…

Isaiah Rashad “Shot U Down” (New Artist)

isaiah rashad
Coming straight outta Chattanooga, Tennessee, Isaiah Rashad is an MC we’ve been keeping tabs on for some time now — and for good reason. First spun by Hot97′s Peter Rosenberg back in June, the budding MC has officially dropped his new single, “Shot U Down,” today. Over a soothing beat, Rashad displays the type of hungry rhymes, compelling flows and even singing ability that’s garnered the interest of one of rap’s strongest crews (sorry, no clues!).
While we keep our eyes peeled for this kid’s next release, check out his July mixtape,Welcome to the Game, to get better acquainted.
Stream “Shot U Down” after the jump…

A$AP Rocky & RiFF RaFF: ‘Back & Forth’ (Part 1)

ASAP Rocky Riff Raff
As announced earlier this week, A$AP Rocky is holding down a regular spot for the second season of Noisey‘s hilarious Back & Forth series. And for the first show, the Harlem rapper sits down with the always colorful (literally and figuratively) RiFF RaFF. The two share a few of their favorite things, including women, lean and hairstyles. Rocky also says he used to question RiFF RaFF’s identity, but came to believe he was authentic. Guess he didn’t read that L.A. Weekly article.
Watch part 1 after the jump…

Kid Cudi Debuts New Music on ‘The Cud Life Tour’ (Video)

kid cudi
Kid Cudi’s Cud Life Tour has made headlines for his custom-made spacesuit and extravagant stage set, but that isn’t the only way he’s been wowing fans. On a recent stop, Cudder gave his loyal followers a preview of some brand new material. This may well just be a freestyle or a skit for his live shows, but we do know that Mr. Rager is setting his coordinates on that Man on the Moon 3 album, which is due out 2015 and will hopefully feature old pals Plain Pat and Emile.
Watch the footage after the jump…

The Weeknd & 2 Chainz Debut in Top 3 on Albums Chart

the weeknd 2 chainz
Despite a premature celebration on Twitter, The Weeknd’s Kiss Land did not top theBillboard 200 albums chart this week, but it wasn’t far off. The Toronto crooner’s album debuted at No. 2 with 96,000 first-week copies sold — less than 3,000 behind Keith Urban’s Fuse, which came out on top with a rounded figure of 98,000 sales.
Meanwhile, 2 Chainz’s B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time landed at No. 3 with more modest first-week sales of 63,000. Last year’s debut, Based on a T.R.U. Story, topped the charts with 147,000 copies shifted. Finally, Janelle Monáe scored her best sales week and first top 10 album after The Electric Lady sold 47,000 units to claim the No. 5 spot.
(Via Billboard)

J. Cole Feat. TLC “Crooked Smile”

j cole crooked smile
J. Cole brings us another profound video/short-film in support of his Billboard-topping, gold-certified album, Born Sinner. “Crooked Smile” takes a very human look at the paths of two very different people: Cole, a kid trying to make his way by selling a little drugs, and a DEA agent, who’s assigned to arrest the rapper at his sister’s birthday party. The video ends with the message: “For Aiyana Stanley-Jones. And please consider your war on drugs.”
Purchase Born Sinner on iTunes.
Watch “Crooked Smile” after the jump…
(Via Noisey)

Solange “Lovers In The Parking Lot” (VIDEO)

Currently “working around the clock” on her upcoming album, Solange holds fans over with a cute new video off last year’s True EP. Ms. Knowles keeps it all the way retro, sporting shameless ’80s-style outfits and pulling out some cheesy pop moves in a Houston flea market. Also: Bun B has a mean two-step game (jump to 2:23). “Lovers In the Parking Lot” is produced in partnership with The Creators Project, a partnership between Intel and VICE.
Watch “Lovers In The Parking Lot” after the jump…

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

GTA V Review

In the beginning of Grand Theft Auto 4, Niko Bellic was just trying to live a normal life. The first few missions were all about getting set up in America, maybe going on a date, and essentially laying low until everything blew up. It was boring as sin. Within a few minutes of booting up GTA 5 I had gone on a jetski chase and chased down a hijacked yacht on the highway. One supposes that’s just the basic difference between New York and LA.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is out, and one 8 gb installation later, it’s just as huge as I imagined it could be. The scale of the world Rockstar has built is unlike anything I’ve ever seen in a game before. Within a few hours of play I’ve walked through I don’t know how many unique environments that could have practically anchored another game, but just provided one more detail here. I’ve come across a full railyard that may have just been set dressing. I scaled a big fuel container for the hell of it and raced through tunnels that snaked beneath the whole city. Los Santos is gorgeously realized, from sunsets to smog. The developers have taken those staggering panoramas I remember from Red Dead Redemption and applied them to something as dense as an urban landscape, and it’s incredible. Visually, this is the sort of game that makes me wonder why we need next-gen at all.
The three character system (two characters, right now — I haven’t met the third) works surprisingly well. Each character has their own set of missions, though they spend a fair amount of time together. You can switch between them at any time in the open-world section, where you find them doing whatever it is they do on a giving day — get drunk, eat tacos, etc. During missions, the game largely takes over which character you’re controlling at what time. Really, what this does is borrow a tactic that sprawling novels and movies have been doing for a very long time — the multiple points of view not only give the story scope, they give life to the setting by allowing us to see it through different sets of eyes.

The dialog, in a basic way, is excellent — the characters sound like real people talking, albeit in absurd situations, and that’s a feat. The old notion of “satire” by relentless stream of contentless parody is getting a little worn. Yes, Rockstar’s vision of America is like our own but even more violent, cynical and ridiculous. It’s not as interesting as it once was. Rockstar proved some serious writing chops in Red Dead Redemption, and even Max Payne 3, but so far, it feels like they’re falling back on old tricks rather than pushing things forward.

There’s an essential disconnect that GTA has struggled with in GTA 4 — the essentially reticent hero just didn’t stack up with the absurd psychopath the players actually controlled. It feels like we’re going to get to control genuine absurd psychopaths in this one, and that could wind up being terribly uncomfortable as well. With GTA 4, I thought . Saint’s Row dealt with some of this problem by making its world so cartoon-level ridiculous that the story was more fun that horrible. On the other end, Rockstar proved that you can make an open world crime game about something more than anarchy with Red Dead. GTA is committed to a certain kind of realism, for better and for worse.
Luckily, driving down Sunset blvd is enough to make you forget about some of those contradictions and enjoy the obsessively, dangerously detailed world in GTA 5. This game is all about spectacle, and it does that better than I have almost ever seen. At this point, I’m still excited for GTA Online, which promises something closer to pure exploration in the necessarily weird world of online multiplayer.
What does everyone else think?

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pusha T’s ‘My Name Is My Name’ LP Features Chris Brown, Kelly Rowland, Kendrick Lamar & More (Tracklisting)


Just days after his much-talked about My Name Is My Name listening session, we now have the 12-songs that will appear on Pusha T’s debut album. Arriving on October 8, MNIMN is lead by the singles “Pain” featuring Future, “Numbers on the Boards,” “Who I Am” with 2 Chainz and Big Sean, and the Chris Brown-assisted “Sweet Serenade.”

The star-studded cameos continues with Rick Ross (“Hold On”), The-Dream (“40 Acres”), Young Jeezy (“No Regrets”), Kelly Rowland (“Let Me Love You”), Kendrick Lamar (“Nosetalgia”), and Pharrell (“S.N.I.T.C.H.”). Production comes from Kanye West, Swizz Beatz, Pharrell, Joaquin Phoenix, Nottz, Don Cannon, Beewirks, Million $ Mano, and Hudson Mohawke.

Check out the lineup below……

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Weeknd Kiss Land Alternate Album Artwork

as of 12:01 ET the Weeknd's Kiss Land album was released to the general public. As far as I've heard its a solid album… expect a Full review posted later in the week. Until then enjoy it and XO til' you Overdose!!!…

PS: if you're like me and like to be creative and want to change your album cover feel free to use mine that I created link below

All I ask is that if you use it please promote RasDaBLOG and RasDaGOD on Facebook/Twitter/ and Instagram…


Monday, September 9, 2013

Ol’ Dirty Bastard Returns In Hologram Form at Rock the Bells 2013

Day one of Rock the Bells kicked off on Saturday at San Bernadino’s San Manuel Amphitheater with a flashback to a hip-hop legend in Eazy E, who appeared for a virtual performance alongside his protégés Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Day two on Sunday night, another resurrection was witnessed by hardcore rap fans as Wu-Tang Clan honored the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard.
Appearing in hologram form alongside his son Young Dirty Bastard, the two ran through a medley of “Shame on a Ni**a” and “Shimmy Shimmy Ya.” In an interview with AllHipHop, the man behind bringing both fallen rap legends to life, Chris “Broadway” Romero (co-founder of spoke on the career highlight moment.
“It was amazing. The best moment of my career thus far. To create an emotional reaction with the family was my goal; the crowd going crazy and singing along was the icing on the cake. I saw this moment a decade ago and there were moments yesterday where I couldn’t believe what was happening around me.”
Watch ODB’s return with the Wu-Tang Clan below….

Eazy-E Is Resurrected at Rock The Bells 2013 Kickoff in Los Angeles

It first began with Tupac Shakur at Coachella in 2012, now another rap pioneer was brought back to life at Rock the Bells 2013. On what would have been his 49th birthday, Eazy-E returned in hologram form at the San Manuel Amphitheater in San Bernardino, California on Saturday night. Known as “The Godfather Of Gangsta Rap,” the leader of N.W.A. appeared alongside his protégés Bone Thugs-N-Harmony for a virtual medley performance of his 90s classics “Real Muthap****kin G’s,” “Straight Outta Compton,” “Boyz N Tha Hood,” and “For tha Love of $.”
Along with Eazy-E, the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard of Wu-Tang Clan will also be tributed by virtual performance during Day 2 of Rock the Bells on Sunday night. Other Day 1 performers included Kendrick Lamar and Black Hippy, Kid Cudi, Common, Big K.R.I.T., Jhené Aiko, A-Trak, Pusha T, and Curren$y.
Catch various footage clips of Eazy-E’s viral return at Rock the Bells 2013 below….

Oh Lawd: Miley Cyrus Butt Nekkid In Her New Music Video "Wrecking Ball"!

Need I say more??? check it out after the break….

Friday, September 6, 2013

Jay Z Announces North American Dates for ‘Magna Carter’ World Tour

Jay Z Magner Carter Tour
Just hours after Kanye West announced the Yeezus tour with Kendrick Lamar, Big Brother shares his own dates for the newly-announced North American leg of his Magna Carter world tour. Jay Z will get the ball rolling in St. Paul, MN on Nov. 30, making stops in Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta, Toronto and New York (on four separate occasions) before wrapping things up in State College, PA on Jan. 31. Tickets go on sale Thursday, September 12th at 10am EST on Live Nation and Ticketmaster.
Check out the tour dates after the jump…

Kanye West Announces New Tour With Kendrick Lamar

It’s going down, people. We’ll have more information on the upcoming Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar tour ASAP. We know that it kicks off on Oct. 19 in Seattle and ends in early Dec. in Houston. Tickets will go on sale next Friday at 9.13.13, and more special guests will be announced. The only downside is that Kendrick won’t be on all the dates.
Check out the tour dates after the jump…

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

DJ Khaled Feat. Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross and Future “I Wanna Be With You” (VIDEO)

The summer of 2013 may be nearing its end but DJ Khaled has one more trick up his sleeve. After the long holiday weekend, the Miami DJ hits us with visuals to his lovey-dovey cut, “I Wanna Be With You.” Ms. Minaj and Future join in on the club action as the trio maneuvers through the night spot.
Khaled’s upcoming album Suffering From Success will drop on Oct. 5.
Watch the video after the jump…

Wale Feat. Nicki Minaj & Juicy J “Clappers” (VIDEO)

wale clappers
Great timing, Folarin. With Miley Cyrus’ performance at the MTV VMA’s still one of the biggest talking points in music, Wale decides to drop the video to his strip club anthem, “Clappers,” featuring Nicki Minaj and Juicy J. You can betchurass there’s a whole lot of twerking in this one, including from the Queen Barb herself. The Gifted is available online and in stores now.
Watch “Clappers” after the jump…

Janelle Monae feat. Solange “Electric Lady” (AUDIO)

Thanks to Concrete Loop, we now have the title track from Janelle’s upcoming album. The funky duet with Solange features the two harmonizing over a New Jack Swing-influenced production. Janelle even spits a verse at the end.
Electric Lady hits stores on Sept. 10. Pre-order the song on iTunes now.
Listen to the new song after the jump…

M.I.A. “Come Walk With Me” (AUDIO)

M.I.A. is bound to surprise more than a few people with her new single, “Come Walk With Me.” I guess this is her interpreting a new pop record in her own way. The record could do big things for her if radio decides to welcome her back.
M.I.A. is set to release her new album, Matangi, on November 5th
Listen to “Come Walk With Me” after the jump…

Action Bronson “Drug Sh*t” (AUDIO)

action bronson drug shit
Starting the day with some new Action Bronson isn’t a bad way to cure the post-Labor Day weekend blues. Connecticut’s DJ Semi brings us this new one from the Queens MC called “Drug Sh*t,” which finds him right in his zone: rapping about weed, sex and grub over a boom bap beat. Ever the comedian, Bam Bam recently trolled the world by falsely announcing that his debut studio album is called Romanian Waitresses. We hope we hasn’t kidding when he said it’ll arrive at the top of next year, though.

Stream “Drug Sh*t” after the jump…

Miley Cyrus Addresses Her MTV VMA’s Performance (Video)

miley cyrus mtv vmas
A week on and Miley Cyrus’ performance at the 2013 MTV VMA’s is still a white-hot topic, but now the singer has finally addressed the #TwerkGate controversy herself. In a clip from an upcoming MTV documentary, Miley explains that she and Robin Thicke consciously aimed to “make history” with their performance, and defends her set by noting that Madonna and Britney have put on similarly raunchy shows in the past. She also believes the media is reading too deep into her performance.
I don’t pay attention to the negative because I’ve seen this play out so many times; how many times have we seen this play out in pop music? Madonna’s done it, Britney’s done it. Anyone that performs, that’s what you’re looking for, you’re wanting to make history. Me and Robin, the whole time, said, “you know we’re about to make history right now?” They’re over thinking it. You’re thinking about it more than I thought about it when I did it.
Watch the interview clip after the jump…

Monday, September 2, 2013

The Weeknd ‘Kiss Land’ (ALBUM STREAM)

In eight days, The Weeknd’s sophomore album Kiss Land will release in stores and digital retailers. The 12-track deluxe edition includes the singles “Belong to the World,” “Love In the Sky,” and the title track. Appearances are kept to a minimum as Drake, Pharrell, and Kavinsky make contributions.
Before the follow-up to his 2012 Trilogy debut arrives, fans can stream Kiss Land in its entirety thanks to NPR. Before clicking play, pre-order your copy over at iTunes.
Listen to The Weeknd’s Kiss Land below…..
The Weeknd – Kiss Land (Tracklisting):
1. Professional
2. The Town
3. Adaptation
4. Love In The Sky
5. Belong To The World
6. Live For (Feat. Drake)
7. Wanderlust
8. Kiss Land
9. Pretty
10. Tears In The Rain
Deluxe Edition:
11. Wanderlust (Pharrell Remix)
12. Odd Look (Kavinsky Feat. The Weeknd)

The Weeknd “Wanderlust (Pharrell Remix)”

Pharrell has had quite a year, topping the charts with hits by Daft Pank, Robin Thicke, and 2 Chainz. The Neptunes producer now adds his magic touch on a remix of The Weeknd’s “Wanderlust.” Not the usual sound listeners would expect from the Toronto singer-songwriter, as Pharrell brings some groovy two-step music over The Weeknd’s sharp vocals.
The remix appears as a bonus cut off The Weeknd’s new album Kiss Land, due in stores September 10. Pre-order your copy on iTunes.
Listen to the “Wanderlust” remix from The Weeknd and Pharrell below….

Lil’ Wayne ‘Dedication 5′ (MIXTAPE)

Lil’ Wayne finally delivers. After an extended 24-hour delay, Weezy F. Baby releases the fifth installment of his Dedication mixtape series. Hosted by DJ Drama, Dedication 5 is 25 tracks of original music, remixes of past classics and recent hits by JAY Z, Kanye West, Drake, Wu-Tang Clan, Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky, French Montana, Meek Mill, and more.
The Weeknd (“I’m Good”), Chance the Rapper (“You Song”), Future (“Way I’m Ballin”), T.I. (“F**kWitMeUKnowIGotIt” & “Feds Watching”), and Vado (“Levels”) are some of the noteable features on the follow-up to last year’s Dedication 4. Enjoy Weezy’s latest mixtape with plenty of songs to devour.
Download and stream Dedication 5 below…

Ryan Leslie Feat. Fabolous “Green” (AUDIO)


The duo of Ryan Leslie and Fabolous have developed quite a musical chemistry in recent years. The singer-songwriter and BK rapper add another collaboration to their résumé with the song “Green.” Both try to score points with the ladies over a soft piano-driven record produced by Cardiak. Off Ryan’s new Black Mozart album, fans can download the project in full by registering over at Leslie’s RenegadesNYC fanclub.
Listen to “Green” from R-Les and Loso below…..

Friday, August 30, 2013

What Does Drake Think About Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” Verse?

Before the long weekend officially begins, our friends at Billboard dropped off their full Drake cover story. And, as you guessed it, they did ask Drizzy about Kendrick’s “Control” verse. We know Cole is remaining silent on the matter but what did Toronto’s finest really have to say about? Was he pissed? Did he laugh? Here’s what Aubrey told writer Reggie Ugwu:
“I didn’t really have anything to say about it,” Drake says of the verse, which has so far inspired responses from A$AP Rocky, Joey Bada$$, former Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson and too many others to count. “It just sounded like an ambitious thought to me. That’s all it was. I know good and well that Kendrick’s not murdering me, at all, in any platform. So when that day presents itself, I guess we can revisit the topic.”
[Spotted at FreeONSMASH]
Read the full cover story here.

Birdman & Rick Ross “50 Plates” (VIDEO)

We saw Rick Ross flex his acting chops in Magic City earlier this year, and now he’s back on the small screen alongside Birdman in their new “50 Plates” video. The YMCMB and MMG moguls throw on their ski masks and stick up a Brinks truck in the latest visuals off the Rich Gang album (out now on iTunes). Who says crime doesn’t pay?
Watch “50 Plates” after the jump…

What Really Happened at Dave Chappelle’s ‘Funny or Die’ Comeback Special?

Last night was supposed to be Dave Chappelle’s epic return to stand up comedy, but things seemed to go horribly wrong. Standing before a packed audience at the Comcast Theater in Hartford, Connecticut, Chappelle reportedly started out with the crowd on his side, thanks to some Paula Deen jokes, but things soon turned ugly. Apparently, the crowd lost their interest not long after and began heckling and booing the comic. He then gave a few brief words to the crowd and made his exit after only 25 minutes. Could this be the end of Dave Chappelle on the stand up stage forever?
After engaging some of the heckling politely, Chapelle had enough. “I’ve been up here a while now and I thought it was me but now I ‘m sure it’s you. There is definitely something wrong with you.” he told us. In other words, ‘shut up and let me perform.’ Not many did. Finally, he gave up and took his cigarettes and his water and sat on stage. (via Ebony)
Watch the clips after the jump…
spotted at Rapdose

Thursday, August 29, 2013

JAY Z Feat Justin Timberlake - Holy Grail (VIDEO)

JAY Z connects to a higher power in the second visual off his current Magna Carta…Holy Grail album. With the assistance of Justin Timberlake, the two summer tourmates ignite mass destruction around them in “Holy Grail.” Continuing his #NewRulescampaign, JAY Z debuts the Anthony Mandler-directed video through Facebook, making him the first major artist to premiere a music video through the social network’s site. Nick Grudin, head of content partnerships for Facebook, released a statement on the “Holy Grail” debut below.
“What we’re doing with Jay Z today is really exciting and we think emblematic of the evolution of music and how musicians can connect with their fans. And we think that is particularly evident in Jay Z’s approach here, which will really allow him to go direct to a massive and instant global audience. It’s something that only Facebook I think can really deliver in this way, given the scale of the audiences musicians have and the global nature of those audiences and the social dynamics of what happens when they engage on Facebook.”
The platinum-selling Magna Carta…Holy Grail is available now on iTunes.
Watch the premiere of “Holy Grail” from JAY Z and J.T. below…..

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Eminem Announces ‘The Marshall Mathers LP 2′ Album, Release Date, & New Single

Announced in a new Beats by Dre commercial during the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, Eminem gives news fans have been waiting for. The Detroit MC officially announces The Marshall Mathers LP 2 will arrive on November 5. The follow-up to 2000′s The Marshall Mathers LP will be executive produced by long-time mentor Dr. Dre and Rick Rubin. SOOOOOO elfin excited anybody who knows me knows I love Eminem!!!...
Expect the album’s first single “Berzerk” to arrive on Tuesday, a snippet is previewed in the commercial.
Watch the second preview below…..

Lil Wayne’s ‘Dedication 5′ Mixtape Cover

Thanks to LilWayneHQ we now have the Weezy’s official Dedication 5 artwork. Rumor has it that the project will hit the Internets on August 30. We’ll see about that. Designed by Olly.

Fabolous On (Not) Responding to Kendrick Lamar: “You Might Hear Something Eventually”

Fabolous Kendrick Lamar Control
Remember when Fabolous tweeted “any studios open yet?” right after Kendrick Lamar shook the game up with his verse on Big Sean’s “Control (HOF)“? And remember when Fabolous didn’t actually release a response track? (Coincidentally, his first activity since that aforementioned tweet was a retweet of a link). Well, it wasn’t because every studio was fully booked.
Speaking with The Source at the famous Rucker Park earlier this week, Loso explained that he intended to respond to Kendrick’s “King of New York” claim, but had a change of heart upon receiving advice from a few OG’s. He also observed how other MCs — particularly those who were called out by K. Dot — reacted (or should we say, didn’t react) and followed suit. Fab did hint that we “might hear something eventually,” though.
That’s a hot topic on the market, and when I first heard I was gong to address it on the surface of what it was, somebody from out of New York claiming they the “King of New York,” but I took my time and I spoke with some OG’s, I researched it a little bit and got some more history behind it.
Also, how everybody jumped into it for an intention play would change the situation as well, so a lot of guys stepped in and said their peace, but you also saw a lot of guys who were mentioned on the song, or who you would expect to have responses to the song, really didn’t take that approach, but am gonna tell you one thing that an OG told me, he said “if you do respond, make it work for you, make it come on your time, and not just like you trying to feed the twitter fans with a freestyle.”
So I got that in the back of mind, so you might hear something eventually…

Busta Rhymes Shoots “I Wanna Thank You” Video with Kanye West & Q-Tip in NYC

Many of today’s stars have made their way to New York City in anticipation of the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night. Busta Rhymes used the busy weekend to film his upcoming video, “I Wanna Thank You.” Off his forthcoming E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event) 2 album, the song features Q-Tip, Kanye West, and Lil’ Wayne.
On Saturday afternoon, the trio of Busta, Q-Tip, and Kanye filmed the Director X-helmed visual. Fans also get a preview of the funky throwback song in a few clips on set.
Check out some footage on set below….
Photos and Videos via Instagram

Lil Kim Gives MTV a Tour of Biggie and Junior Mafia’s Old Stomping Grounds (Video)

In conjunction with MTV’s BK Hip-Hop Week, Lil Kim recently took Sway on a tour of her old hood. But not just hers, the same place where the Notorious B.I.G. and Junior Mafia called home. On their BK tour, they hit BIG’s former residence, the spot where he battled Preeme, and all their old hang-out spots.
“Me and Biggie used to just sit on this stoop and we used to just talk and talk and talk,” the Queen Bee told Calloway while standing in front of 226 St. James, the Brooklyn apartment that B.I.G. grew up in before he found rap stardom. “That was the first time I saw him checking me out crazy, we were sitting here smoking, having fun. He was like, ‘You’re gorgeous”
watch the tour after the jump…